Audio Sample - Training Trifecta

This training right here is what took me from working 80 + hours a week and struggling to get my staff in line, to stepping up to the plate and getting it done right, THE FIRST TIME.  What came next, Freedom for me to work on the important things like Marketing, Operations and Managing my Financials. I was able to get back in the kitchen and develop new recipes, work with the community on events, build up oout catering business because I had time to meet with people again.  I stopped needing to put our fires every day over and over again and I had the time to plan and execute on my origianal vision.

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5 Step Training Model

Why Do - How Do - I Do - We Do - You Do

I know it sounds funny, but it works!

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Feedback Framework

A system for communication with all your employees in every circumstance.

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8 Steps to Developing your Employees

If you really want them to stay with you for a while and become a huge asset to your restaurant, this is how you do it!

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