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Ryan Gromfin

“Only two things change your restaurants destiny: Hope for the best, or do something about it.  Just remember, hope may be a strategy, it's just not a very good one!”

Ryan Gromfin, The Restaurant Boss

What you get with the Program!

At the core of every Restaurant are 3 Pillars!

  • Marketing

    ATTRACT A FLOOD OF CUSTOMERS – Over 2 hours of training on Restaurant Specific Marketing designed to effectively and consistently put butts in seats so you don’t have to rely on coupons, discounts and one time promotions.


  • Operations

    EXECUTE WOW SERVICE – Exceeding customers expectations should never relay on hope or luck, when you implement my Systems and Strategies, your restaurant will experience smooth operations Day after Day, Week after Week and Month after Month, weather you are at the restaurant or NOT!

  • Financials

    MAXIMIZE PROFITS – There are only a few reports that really matter in your restaurant, 6 to be exact.  I will share with you the simple and effective system for easily budgeting, collecting data and reporting, so you can minimize your accounting efforts and maximize your take home profits!


Meet Alex...from New Jersey!

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All cd case and program images are digital representation, the entire course is delivered online and will not included physical copies of the course contents.

Restaurant Industry Overview and your High Profit Freedom Plan

Ever wonder why you are working harder today than ever before, but not getting the same results.  Hard work just enough, especially in todays Expectation Economy!

How to Succeed & Master Your Restaurant BUSINESS

Thats right, it's a business.  In this training I will share you with you exactly whats needed to master the business side of your restaurant!

How to Lead & Develop Your Staff

This might be the most important CD in the series.  Without a staff that can execute your Vision, consistently, with or without your presence, you don't own business, you are working in a restaurant!

Restaurant Marketing - Part I

As part of the ATTRACT model, this first section in the marketing training will focus on strategies for turning your current customers into Raving Fans.

Restaurant Marketing - Part II

Additionally, this second section of the marketing training focuses on specific strategies that will but butts in your seats and building your reputation both online and in the community.

Restaurant Operations

Here the focuses shifts to Operations and Execution.  The training will deliver my core four systems that all restaurants MUST have in place and then how to build systems, manage them as well as train and develop your staff for smooth operations day in and day out.

Restaurant Finances

This is always every bodies favorite training section because it is all about Maximizing your Profits with minimal effort and resources.  I understand that you can't spend all day running numbers and counting inventory, so I am going to share with you my 6-Pack Systems for simplified Financials.  This system will allow you to better predict business and order properly so you never miss your target food or labor costs again.

Why Some Restaurant Owners Fail and Others Win

Plain and Simple, what is the difference between the restaurants and owners that are living their dreams and those that are living their nightmares.  It's actually pretty simple and like riding bike, once you learn, you will never forget!

Meet Crystal...from Florida!


"I just wanted to say THANK YOU.  I am only on day 4 from your audio program and I LOVE IT.

I am so excited, relived…..I have learned so much just in the first three audio discs.  I’m motivated, I’m inspired, I am really excited.  That is pretty much the opposite of how I was feeling a couple days ago.

I will be honest with you.  Your story leading up to the emergency room visit was pretty much our experience to a T.  My husband and I, we have been blessed with this amazing coffee shop.  We love it, it’s got a great atmosphere and we have done a lot of business over the past couple years.

But we have been OVERWHELMED, EXHAUSTED, FRUSTRATED, its CONSUMED us.  It has put a strain on our life in pretty much every way.  It’s really nice to have your advice, experience and resources.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have reached out to you and have your advice, your tools, and techniques to guide us forward.  It really is more help than I can ever tell you.

I have a clear vision now of the goal and where we are going.   I have a renewed enthusiasm for this whole business.

So thank you and keep it up."

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All cd case and program images are digital representation, the entire course is delivered online and will not included physical copies of the course contents.

Restaurant Owners Roadmap

The Restaurant Owners Roadmap™ is a 7-day 8 CD audio training program where I reveal my exact, Step-by-Step formulas for mastering restaurant specific Marketing, Operations and Financials.  With the right systems, any restaurant owner or operator, from fast food to fine dinning can become the owner a highly profitable business!  You can create the freedom and live the life you have dreamed of and I will show you exactly how!

When my 4 restaurants were struggling during the worst economy since the great depression I needed to turn them around.  After a night in the emergency room, due to stress created from discovering my dream of operating restaurants was really a nightmare, I made the decision that I will do whatever it takes!

But working hard was not enough, I was already do that and all it got me was a night in the Emergency Room.  I needed the right strategies to go along with that hard work!  Since uncovering the secret  to running highly profitable, high performance restaurants "Create, Manage and Master Systems, While Leading and Developing your Employees" my mission has been to help every independent restaurant owner who wants more!

More freedom, more time with their family and of course more money.  The included strategies and systems are exactly the same one I used in my restaurant and that I currently charge thousands of dollars to share with his one-on-one clients all over the world.

Now, for the first time, they are available to every restaurant owner, operator & manager!

Gabe and Cynthia Segura

The Restaurant Owners Roadmap is exactly what we needed.  After opening our first restaurant over year ago, we didn’t know what we didn’t know.  I can’t say enough great things about the program and Ryan’s knowledge about the restaurant business.

Gabe and Cynthia Segura Owners - Pasion

I understand that if I DON'T enroll in the Restaurant Owners Roadmap 7 Day Course RIGHT NOWI will have to wait another year for registration to open again.

...and I won't get all these special bonuses, including the 2 hour Live Training with Ryan!

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Plus...You get all this Extra Stuff!

But you must act now

  • "Done For You" Resources

    Included are the following resources that you will be trained on how to properly use in the program.

  • 2018 Event Planner
  • Batch Recipe Costing Cards
  • Menu Costing Cards
  • Checklist Templates
  • Prep Sheet Templates
  • Kitchen / Plate Build Sheet Templates
  • Pre-Shift Meeting Log
  • Weekly Labor Convertor
  • Bonus Trainings

    That rights, theres more…Interviews and Training with Industry Professionals.

  • Paul Motkenko - Ex-CEO of B.J. Brewery and Pub (1 Billion $$$ Brand) - Community Marketing
  • Michel Mack - Ex-CEO of Soup Plantation (125 Units in 14 States) - Leadership
  • Terry Heller - Owner of Plan Check Bar (4 Units in Los Angels, voted one of the best Restaurant in LA) - Opening a Restaurant and Growing a Brand
  • Jay Siff - Owner of Moving Targets - Direct Mail Market is not Dead, Jay will share with you the strategies that still work
  • The Strategy Man - International Business Coach who helps companies develop Growth Strategies
  • Brian Casel - Owner of Restaurant Engine - Your Restaurant Website Do's & Dont's
  • Sue B. Zimmerman - Instagram E-Book - Worlds #1 Instagram Trainer -
  • Lorri Molinari - My Business Coach Discusses how to work with you Friends and Family
  • Allan Ting - Energy Expert - This Guy teaches Tony Robbins and Google Employees how to Get More Energy
  • Bill Manos - Health and Safety Consultant Explains the confusing Health Department Regulations that you need to understand
  • "ASK ME ANYTHING" Private Facebook Group

    You will get access to the most valuable resources imaginable…a private Facebook Group, made up with Restaurant Owners all over the world, who are also members of Restaurant Profit and Performance.  You can ask the group and ME anything you want 24 hours a day.  I get all questions sent directly to my email, so you will get a response quickly.

  • 2 hour LIVE "Systems Implementation" Training

    That’s right, you get an additional 2 hours of LIVE training with me where I will walk you though exactly how to create and implement the Systems I shared with you in Restaurant Owners Roadmap Program!

And...I Added a Brand NEW Bonus This Year!

  • Employee Training Classroom - 3 Months FREE Access

    I have over 30 videos broken down into training lessons for each position in your restaurant.  You can literally let me train your employees.  Each video is about 5 minutes long and we have training for your Cooks, Bussers, Host, General Manager, Mangers, Chef (kitchen manager), Servers, Bar Tenders, Marketing Staff, Sales Staff, Bqt & Catering Staff.

    Over the next 90 days, you can literally re-train your entire staff with MY systems!

Here's what other students have to say about the Restaurant Owners Roadmap!

I learned more on your videos than I did in the 4 years I attended Restaurant Management School.


I got your program, Currently implementing systems for my Kitchen operations (already working miracles) and also creating my marketing strategy.  Thanks again for this amazing material.


I really enjoy how you explain things and put it into simpler ways to understand for me this program is the tool I've needed to get my business right on track and be the best I can.

Loving the systems. I've got such a buzz in my step putting things in place to get this business working to the best of its ability!!

Up to cd 4 but taking notes and taking it all in. Now I have a real mission statement and feeling really inspired.


YOU WILL LOVE IT! 1,000's of other folks have been through the online training and love it.  I am so certain you will as well,  if you don't I will give you 100% of your money back!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am 100% CERTAIN that if all you did was listen to the first 20 minutes of the first CD, you would make more than your investment back within a couple of days.  This is the best training on the market for independent restaurant owners…If you don’t believe the content included in this training program was worth more than you paid for it, just give me a call and I will refund your money!

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